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Reliable website and server monitoring for your convenience!

  • Get frequent monitoring status reports.
  • Get real-time alerts by email or sms.
  • Check Web Servers, Websites, and more.

Flexible Pricing, Monitoring Plans

Keep a watch over your website or server anywhere, anytime with monitoring tools. It’s just like checking yourself but instead the software does it for you. Get accurate website monitoring metrics and instant alert via email or SMS. Below you can select the best website performance monitoring tools for your small website or business.


Built for sites with fewer requirements.
  • 2 Advanced Monitors
  • Web Server
  • Ports Like: Http, POP3, FTP, MySQL, etc.
  • Standard Support
// per month


Scalable for large enterprises with greater requirements.
  • Up to 10 Advanced Monitors
  • Web Server
  • Ports Like: Http, POP3, FTP, MySQL, etc.
  • Premium Support
// per month

VAT added where applicable.

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All-in-one Website Monitoring Service

Don’t second guess the status of your website or server. Get access to the best website performance monitoring platform for your website. Our website monitoring metrics checks key elements of your website infrastructure, server, network and more. With every new monitoring account, you get:

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Status Reports

Cutting-edge reports and analytics.

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Supported Ports


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No Product Download

Access the client area on our site to start monitoring.

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Set Monitoring Intervals

Setup and frequent monitoring intervals.

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Instant Alerts

Be the first to know. Get alerted fast via email if issues arise.

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Server and Website Performance Monitoring

The hosting solutions above are packed with powerful features to host successful websites. Get fast premium web hosting to power your site on our powerful hosting network in Luxembourg. In addition, plans are also custom-made for ASBL non-profit associations in Luxembourg.

Monitoring Performance

Start using a reliable performance monitoring service to simplify your life.

Don’t waste time checking multiple programs that monitor isolated parts of your website, network or server. Use our all-inclusive software and get one complete monitoring plan for your projects.
Be the first to know about server outages, network downtime, and key infrastructure issues. In fact, our service covers just about any infrastructure like websites, servers, VPS, etc.
Plus, if you need to monitor a custom service, and it’s not listed here, just contact support for a quote.

Website and Server Uptime Monitoring

Use an expert-made monitoring tool to track and check key elements of websites, servers, emails, and more. All you need is access to the internet. Get informed in a split second if your site experiences downtime, check important page connections or discover elements that loads quick, slow etc.

Plus, you can link our monitoring service to your mobile devices and emails to get instant alerts and updates that prevent costly downtime. You’ll get alerts even if your system goes down.

Greater Visibility of Server Resources

As companies grow and expand, they stack up more plugins, and services. While that’s great, this can be cumbersome to manage overtime. You need a software capable of making life easier for your system administrators. A premium uptime monitoring solution lets you effectively track and monitor server performance – including the CPU usage, free and used memory and more. Get accurate analytics to monitor critical server updates that run in the background.

Track approved, modified and suspicious files and get real time alerts of all changes. It’s the time saver you need for a peace of mind while you conduct your daily business.

Monitoring Server Resources
Monitoring Dashboard

Easy Access Dashboard

Monitor how your data, updates and reports easily from your client area. It’s quick and takes just little effort. Here you can access information on network performance, dedicated monitors, server health, CPU usage, and more. Providing greater visibility and insight on your entire IT-infrastructure all in one place.

Do you have a specific monitoring need? Our software uses a simple API, modules and plugins that allows it to monitor multiple servers, website and networks.

No Software Downloads

There’s no need to worry download and install any new product to your computer. You will get a comprehensive monitoring service that is setup to monitor your specific need. Just login to our ‘client area’ after purchasing to access your plan and start managing your site or server. We provide the best website performance tools that requires very little effort to maintain, plus there are no product codes to remember.
Our monitoring service features an easy to use interface that will help to increase your productivity.

Monitoring Software
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Cloud-based Monitoring Solutions for professionals!

Start Monitoring Now

Reliable Uptime Monitoring Support

Still have questions? We’re ready, knowledgeable and on standby to answer questions related to our uptime monitoring service. We’re always accessible for your benefit.

Monitoring FAQ

Monitoring Uptime is a procedure that checks the availability, ping times and the response time of your website, servers, emails etc. It surveils key elements of a network’s infrastructure and can be configured to work with just about any form of network.

We provide a reliable website performance service that lets users monitor from 2 to 10 monitors. However, we understand that needs change and that larger companies may require greater capacities for uptime monitoring. So, we provide custom service on request. For more information contact our support team.

Our uptime monitoring solution is capable of sending alerts in as little as 60 seconds of a suspected incident.

We have placed our servers in strategic areas around the world. These allow us to offer the best website uptime history reports and provides the tools for efficient management. These include: The Americas, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Asia.

We support several protocols. Both Monitoring Starter and Monitoring Pro solutions support the following ports: HTTPS, FTP,POP3, HTTP, MySQL, SMTP, SSH, SOAP, PING, IMAP, TCP and DNS.Start using a premium monitoring service for your projects.

After payment, our system might take a few minutes before your payment reaches us and is processed. However, if this message continues, please contact our support agents.

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