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  • 50 GB mailbox per account
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Key Hosted Exchange email features

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Email Migration: Our Email migration tool makes moving your email to our network fast and easy. Our support team is also always on hand to assist.
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Unique, Customised Mailboxes: Customise and set up your email with your company name for a professional look. (email@your-domain).
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ActiveSync Devices: Free for Android®, iPhone®, iPad®, and Windows® users. Keeps you connected on the go!
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Using a professional email system helps to build trust with your partners, customers and site visitors. can help you to set this up. Use our Hosted Exchange to take your email to the next level.


High Deliverability Emails

Learn how to increase email deliverability rate with our expert tips. Familiarise yourself with these best practices to reduce the chance of your mail ending up in spam. This way your email is always successfully delivered without any issue.

Email Limits

We’ve applied reasonable email restrictions to ensure you get the best quality service. This way we can ensure that our service works quickly and efficiently for all customers. Our restrictions allow you to send/receive up to 10.000 emails per day.

Spam and Automated email

We regulate automated email and spam at a significantly lower limit to protect the system’s integrity. To safeguard the integrity of our email service, we own the right to make changes without notice or warning. Hosted Exchange Support

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We have introduced a fair and easy daily recipient limit for our users to ensure our service is consistent and reliable. It allows you to send emails to a maximum of 10.000 receivers within 24-hours. Sending 100 different emails to 100 recipients is classified as sending 10.000 emails.
Yes, we have limits on the number of emails you receive. Our platform facilitates receiving 400 emails per 10-minute period. This is a part of our fight to eliminate spam and DDoS attacks from our account users. Additional messages are delayed when a mailbox receives more than 400 messages during a 10-minute period. After the 10 minutes period ends, the email will be successfully sent. Mailboxes that receive high-volumes of automated emails will find this limit challenging. Additionally, so will systems that generate high volumes of email from services like CRMs and mailboxes that get messages from devices or programs that send diagnostic information via email.
Yes, there is. With or without an attached file, the maximum size is 50 MB.
Forward all emails suspected to contain a possible cyber-attack such as phishing or spamming to To efficiently and effectively process complaints and carry out remediation actions we have also collaborated with anti-abuse specialists.
Should you notice a deliverability issue, the first thing to do is check to ensure that you are not on a blacklist. You can do so by checking Unsubscribe Blacklist, which has a collection of blacklists our platform uses. Also, check external resource pages such as Lashback Sorbs or Spamhaus. Additionally, confirm that you are using legitimate authentication such as DKIM, DMARC or SPF. For additional support, send a message to
No, our system doesn’t facilitate bulk email. However, you can use a reputable bulk mailing service to safely send messages in bulk and avoid blocked emails. Reputable bulk providers allow you to send emails using best practices that are acceptable. This way they eliminate the possibility of your emails being marked as spam.
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