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The best Luxembourg domain names and top-level domains.

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The best Luxembourg domain names and top-level domains.

When building your brand’s image, you’ll need an extraordinary domain to give it the visibility it deserves. Finding your perfect domain name opens the right gateways to lead potential visitors to your website. Keep in mind that the domain name impacts the trustworthiness and recognition of your site. For this reason, it is critical that you select one that speaks about your brand and its qualities. For the best domain name benefits in Luxembourg and the Benelux locale, select We’ve been helping individuals like you to register domains and host websites for more than 2 decades. We’re certain that you’ll discover domains that synergise with your image and website. Besides, we’re continually recharging our Domain library with the freshest domain TLDs that rise, so you have the trendiest and most present-day domains to browse.
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We’ve been hosting websites and registering domain names for our clients for the last 20 years. In that time, we’ve gained the trust of some of the most prominent clients in Luxembourg and surrounding countries. Joining our network means that you’re putting your trust in the hands of a reliable hosting company with years of expertise on domain registrations, transfers, renewals and even parked domains. When we register domain names, only the sole owner – the client has access to it. Plus, we offer the right tools to help you, like Domain Privacy services to secure your domains and trust bearing SSL Certificates to encrypt your web pages which provides safe encrypted server to browser encryption. LuxHosting can help you to not only secure the domain of your dreams but also provide the tools to safeguard your domain name. Secure your domain from the start. Join’s network for:
  • Around the clock dedicated support
  • Domain Protection with Domain Privacy
  • Easy Domain management and control in your cPanel account
  • Cheap Domains with no extra fees to register your domain
  • Create free custom emails with your domain in your cPanel
  • Domain lock to protect your domain from unauthorised transfers

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Register a great domain and get instant credebility. We regularly run domain name promos so visit our website often to see the exclusive domains that are on sale. Ongoing sale on .com, .xyz and .site for the first year of registration only. Our prices do not include VAT and it will be calculated based on the country you add at checkout

List of Available Domain Name

TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew
.com 1 9,99€ 9,99€ 9,99€
.org 1 12,00€ 12,00€ 12,00€
.net 1 12,00€ 12,00€ 12,00€
.biz 1 16,00€ 16,00€ 16,00€
.name 1 8,99€ 8,99€ 8,99€
.info 1 15,00€ 15,00€ 15,00€
.be 1 6,00€ 6,00€ 6,00€
.de 1 6,99€ 6,99€ 6,99€
.fr 1 10,00€ 10,00€ 10,00€
.it 1 9,90€ 9,90€ 9,90€
.lu 1 25,92€ 25,92€ 25,92€
.eu 1 6,49€ 6,49€ 6,49€
.nl 1 8,00€ 8,00€ 8,00€
.pl 1 15,00€ 15,00€ 15,00€

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Easy Setup for your Domain Transfer

Your domain name is the gateway to your website. All new and existing site visitors will interact with your domain name at one point or the other. So, when you switch hosting providers, take your domain name with you. Join our great hosting network with ultra-fast servers for incredible website speeds. Your website will be hosted on the fastest servers in Luxembourg, the UK and the US. Plus, transferring your domain can be done in three quick and easy steps: 1. Authorisation Code First, make a request from your current domain provider for an authorisation code and get your transfer code or an EPP code by email. 2. Provide Domain Name Add the domain name you want to transfer in the “transfer domain” field above. Then add the EPP code to confirm the transfer. 3. Transfer Confirmation After completing step 2, we’ll send you a confirmation email. Click the confirmation link in the email to finalise the transfer. Then go to your cPanel to manage the domain.

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Our expert support team are highly trained to respond to your questions on registering, renewing, transferring or setting up domains. Get reliable advice fast. We’re available exclusively for you at no extra charge.

Domain Name Registration and Transfer FAQ

In short, a domain name is a web address which links to where website files are stored on a server. It helps users to locate your website from the millions of websites that exist on the Internet. The initial step to your new website begins with registering a domain name. Finding the correct domain name is a crucial element that allows individuals to come back on numerous occasions to a site. Purchasing a domain name helps with your online presence, brand image and the bottom line of your business or blog.
Since the domain name is the first means by which users interact with your website, more pressure goes into this phase. We suggest browsing domain extensions to find the best ones for your business, local area and niche. The most popular top-level extension is .com but there are hundreds of other popular alternatives should you not find an appropriate .com domain extension for your website idea. You may want to consider domain extensions like,,

Here are a few helpful tips for new domain registrants:

1. Keep the domain name as short as possible preferably between 6-12 characters. 2. Brainstorm at least 3 options with the aim of finding a memorable and catchy website name. You can use our domain search engine or a domain checker to help with finding several options. 3. Research the domain name you’d like to register. As yourself these questions. Is this a new domain? Who was the previous owner if there was one? Does it suit my brand? 4. Once you’ve zeroed in on the ideal domain name, register it right away. Don’t wait a few days or weeks to risk it being registered by another person. Chances are, many other persons have the same idea. Note: You may add letters, hyphens or numbers to your domain name, however special characters like # are prohibited.
In spite of popular thinking, a domain transfer is a really fast and easy process that can be completed in not more than 7 days. In fact, to transfer to, all we need from you is the ‘approval code’ from your present supplier, and the email address that is connected to your domain record. The person wishing to transfer the domain name, must be the one authorised to do so. This person must have access to the email associated with the domain name and should be able to make an official request to the current domain provider for the EEP code. Here are the steps: 1. Request EEP or transfer code from your current domain registrar/domain host. 2. Signup in the domain transfer field on Provide the domain name and enter the approval code/EPP code where necessary. 3. Confirm the transfer to finalise the domain transfer. Then, access the email that you used to register your domain. When mentioned, you will get your approval code and you will at that point be guided through basic domain transfer process. Our domain transfer procedure time should take somewhere in the range of 5 and 7 days. This allows for the domain to propagate.
Generic Top-Level Domains also called gTLDs are popular domain extensions that allows website surfers to find your web page quickly. They are new top-level domains that helps to distinguish your website or brand’s image. Some examples of gTLDs are .store, .media, .app and so on. These TLDs tell a user what your website is about even before clicking. As .com registration hinge closer to exhaustion, the need for new TLDs rose. At, you have a vast library of the most popular domain extensions to choose from along with the best .com, .eu and .lu domain names to register for your website. Use our domain search option and register your domain from a leading domain provider in Luxembourg.
Subdomains have can have a great impact in the way a website is structured. They are a subset of a main domain name of a website. It shows various levels of a website’s structure. For instance, the name “” has three sections, each isolated by a period. The initial segment is “.com”, then “example” and the third part is “request”. A domain structure always starts from right to left. It’s layered somewhat similar to a Matryoshka doll. For additional information on how domains are organised, see our blog. Subdomains are valuable for isolating your site into various classes. Here are a few examples of what the potential uses of subdomains: o Geotargeting, create isolated multilingual content. o Giving access to gated content with logins, and user credentials. o Track Website with more specific page tracking. o Add page specific SEO content, that might not be relevant on main domain.
Yes. All users with access to their very own cPanel can indeed create free custom emails with their own domain name. For help check out this video on how to set up your cPanel email.
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