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15 Holiday Content Ideas for eCommerce Sites 
(And How to Build an eCommerce Site at the Last Minute) Ah, the holidays. That time of year when the air is filled with the smell of hot cocoa and the sou (...)
Reliable Hosting Services that Boost Your Website’s Speed
Daily breakthroughs in technology keep the world on its toes and the need for speed a priority. Consider your Wi-Fi connection at home. You need a fast robust i (...)
CryptoCoins and other Payment Gateways on
As internet technology continues to make leaps and bounds in the name of progressive innovation all businesses online must evolve to keep up with the competitio (...)
Securing Your Website: How Costly are Cyber Attacks?

Cybercrimes and the length of time it costs businesses and individuals to resolve them continues to increase. As such, the cost of cybercrime and data breach (...)
Softaculous. What is it? How do you use it?

For a new website owner with little to no web building experience starting a website can be quite a daunting experience. In the past, in order to self-host (...)
cPanel Rolls-Out Account Based Pricing Rise

The hosting community is buzzing with the latest news that cPanel has rolled-out a massive increase in pricing. But what does this mean for your hosting ac (...)
Have You Outgrown Your Shared Hosting Plan?

Your business has paid its dues and has now matured beyond the infant stage. You’ve amassed a loyal following, your conversion rates are up, your SEO gam (...)
Use a Control Panel to Enhance your Hosting Experience

Imagine owning a Tesla, it is all you’ve ever wanted in a dream car but you can’t drive. Seems a little useless just sitting there in your garage waiting (...)
Tips to Maximise your Hosting Disk Space

Learning certain technical aspects of your hosting package can be highly beneficial. Especially when it comes to the management of your website. When optin (...)
Best ways to Secure WordPress Sites in 2019

WordPress is arguably the most popular CMS preferred by website owners. Thus, with widespread popularity comes higher levels of security risks. Hackers and c (...)

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